Renewing the New York Spirit at a Surreal Moment

Posted on March 26, 2020 at 3:29 pm by West Sider Theo Dixon, ‘The Mayor of the Upper West Side’. By Charlie Lyons

This is not the sixtieth birthday I had in mind. Maybe that’s not the worst thing. The pandemic is far worse. But one positive side-effect is we’re starting to be warmer to each other again.

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91st STREET ENTRANCE, Upper West Side

From Forgotten New York…

This subway entrance on Broadway caught my interest for two reasons: one, it’s for a long-closed subway entrance, and two, as the time “stamp” indicates, it was taken on my birth date, August 22, 1957, so it’s a snapshot of what New York City looked like when I entered the scene from stage left.

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86th Street: Mixed Memories

From I love the Upper West Side…

My family thought of West 86th Street – only a few blocks away from our apartment, as if it were a very rich, pretentious relative with whom you found fault, but in some ways also admired. For my mother, “West 86th Street ladies,” represented all that she considered “nouveau riche arrogance, wrapped in mink coats, clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue, with gold bracelets hung with large disk-shaped charms embedded with birthstones marking grandchildren’s birthdates.

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Where Edgar Allan Poe Wrote “The Raven”, Published 175 Years Ago – Untapped New York

Here at Untapped New York, we have a special relationship to “The Raven,” the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe that was published 175 years on January 29, 1845. That’s because in 2012, our writer Benjamin Waldman, rediscovered the lost mantel in front of which Poe wrote the poem.

Source: Where Edgar Allan Poe Wrote “The Raven”, Published 175 Years Ago – Untapped New York