Just Two People on the Planet…and a Leprechaun in the Hood.

IMG_20170316_110918Heading uptown on the 1 train, I boarded along with the man seated on the left in this photo, let’s call him Don.  The man on the right was already sitting there, let’s call him Roger.

Don, dressed in an expensive suit with a fancy silk tie, pulls a section of the USA Today from his very nice brown leather briefcase.  Roger, who unfortunately apparently has had years of dental issues and has but one tooth remaining, leans over and asks “So, what’s the good news?”

Don turns to Roger and says, “Trump.  Trump is the good news!  He is going to get rid of all the waste in the government.  It’s about time someone runs it like a business.”  Roger retorts “That’s interesting, I never heard a businessman’s perspective on Trump.  That’s very interesting.”  They continued briefly on about Trump for about a minute.  I figured it would end there. Au contraire!

Don now leans over to Roger and asks, “So who do you think is going to win this thing?”, obviously referring to the upcoming NCAA tournament and showing Roger the brackets.  Don said he was going with Villanova because he was from the Philadelphia area.  Roger thought Gonzaga would do well.  Then that conversation ended.

Not half a minute later, Roger turns to Don and wishes him a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and asks him if he has any plans to be drinking some green beer.  Don said he doesn’t drink and has no plans.  Roger suggested lemonade.  Green lemonade.  Don said he might try that and they discussed how neither had anything green to wear.

Roger then shared a movie recommendation with Don, pulling me into the conversation.  “Have you ever seen ‘Leprechaun in the Hood‘? Ice-T is in it and it’s hilarious and scary at the same time.  You can catch it on Netflix.”  I asked what it was rated but he wasn’t sure.  Roger insisted again, “You gotta see it!” as I made note of it on my phone.  Don seemed less interested although I watched him silently mouth the words of the movie title with a clear question mark following them.  We were approaching my stop on 79th Street, when Roger informed both of us, “If you see this movie, you will never f**k with a leprechaun ever again!”  Duly noted.  Thanks Roger.



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